Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I want to PUMP YOU UP!

The cold weather they were predicting came on queue today and it was just as brutal as they were predicting. At 6 am this morning I turned on the news to hear that with the wind chill was – 45 degrees. Schools and businesses across Central Wisconsin were closed and I have to admit, on my way to work I thought it’s days like these that I’d love to be a teacher. I’d love to hear my employer say No, we will not allow you to come to work today; it is too cold, stay in bed. Alas, work did not call me and say to remain home. So I trudged out in the cold and boy did it suck.

Since the schools were closed our dance class was also cancelled tonight. So instead I planned on coming home and going for a run on the treadmill. Since the spare bedroom remodel project began our work out equipment is in total disarray and the cd player I used to use had been misplaced. I found it tonight and decided I’d plug it in while on the treadmill. Although I never use music while running outside, just because I like hearing the sounds around me, I do typically use it while running inside. Tonight however, I realized it wasn’t really helping me, and actually, it was pretty distracting. That might have had something to do with the fact that I was trying to sing along like I was auditioning for American Idol. But, it was also distracting because I like to think while I’m running, and it is easier for me to think if I can get into a rhythm with my feet and can pace my breath. As hard as I tried, that was just not happening with the music playing. So, I don’t think I’ll be using it again, at least not while running. When I lift however, I NEED music to PUMP ME UP! Where is that from?? Saturday Night Live?

So, I’m just wondering, do you use music when you exercise?


Tessie said...

Hans and Franz. SNL. Love it.

I definitely do music. I start getting bitter and sorry for myself without it.

Kristin C. said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other's always great to find others in a similar boat. I'll be adding you to my daily blog reads for motivation!

Aubrey said...

I do use music when I exercise. And when I sleep, eat, shower, breathe. I have music on constantly. I think music is almost like oxygen to me. I seriously hate sitting in a perfectly quiet room because then weird songs start playing in my head and it gets so distracting I can't focus on what's really happening. Music helps me center myself and focus on other things. Weird I know. I'm curious to see if that's how I'll be on the treadmill (if we do invest in one). I am a big rhythm person and maybe I'll have to make a compilation of music with similar beats.

buck said...

I have to have music to workout period!!! Country even works (cash). I also have to have a piece of gum while pumping iron. I am with aubrey on having music on all the time. I remember even in college I always had to have music playing while I studied. I even use to have a shower radio. When I sleep I don't play music, but I have to have something making noise to go to sleep (fan, humidifier, fireplace, something)

Aubrey said...

Well "buckaroo", I was exaggerating a bit with the sleeping with music. I do listen to it right before I sleep to unwind, but I need it off to really fall asleep. Too funny that you mentioned studying with music. I did too (the few times I studied in college) and I can even recall a few of those things when I hear the songs I was listening to at the time. There are also some cds that remind me of books I've read while listening to them. That's too funny to think we have that in common Justin.

Kate said...

Tessie - Hans and Franz, oh yes! I love SNL.

I figured I'd be in the minority here with the music bit, but Wow, Aubrey and Buck you guys are some serious music fanantics! (Justin, you must get that from Mom!)