Sunday, January 13, 2008

Birthday Week

Last Sunday I turned 28. As my birthday approached I realized all I really wanted was a quiet weekend at home. This is much, much different from my birthday just one year ago. My 27th will always be known as "the best birthday ever". We had a group of 20 or so family and friends over to our house and as a surprise Collin had rented a bus to take us all bar hopping down town. I will never, ever, forget that birthday.

After you have the best birthday ever though, you realize you're set for awhile. So this year we celebrated by going to dinner on Saturday night at Christian's Bistro. Then, on Sunday, we met Kira & Justin for sushi and hibachi at Tokyo Steak House and later that afternoon I got to talk to a couple of good friends. It was a great weekend and I went to bed on Sunday night feeling very good about the day I turned 28.

But! But! You guys had very different plans for me. What I did not see coming was my birthday extending all week. Every single day this week I received either a gift, phone call, or card with birthday wishes. And in each case the sender sent condolences that it was coming late. The thing is, late is actually really great! I didn't have a birth-day this year, I had a birth-week. And I'm sorry, but it doesn't get much better than that!

So thank you to all of your for making my 28th so memorable.

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Aubrey said...


I'm glad you had a great birthday week. My Aunt Joann does birthday weeks at her house and it really seems like a great idea. But a lot of work. You are special to lots of people which is why you'd continue getting cards all week. When you're a rockin' gal, people will appreciate you and be glad to celebrate your birthday.