Thursday, December 13, 2007

Next I'll be carrying her in my purse

When we brought Maia home last March she was just a wee little thing; weighing in less than 10 lbs she was visibly smaller than the cat. The kennel she stayed in during the day fit easily in the back seat of my car and she was not yet big enough to climb onto the furniture or bed. During the night when she woke up I would carry her outside to go to potty and then we’d sit, shhhhshing her back to sleep. At night she’d fall asleep by 8 pm, curled up on a blanket by the couch, or, as she preferred, in our arms.

Over the next few months she grew quicker than I could have ever imagined and by the time my brother came to stay with us in June she was quickly dubbed “The Monster.” One look at her and you know instantly where she got her name; she now weighs in at almost 100 lbs, but still has the energy of a typical 11-mo old puppy. It is quite obvious that she is a large dog. Obvious, that is, to everyone but Maia.

As I type this she is laying next to me on the couch, squirming, because I’m apparently taking up to much room on her throne. And later this evening I can guarantee I’ll find her on our bed, curled up, as if she is trying to hide. Her head will be on my pillow and she’ll be peering up at me, her big brown eyes questioning whether or not I can see her.

It is apparent that Maia believes she is still a small dog; a dog that could be carried out to go potty in the snow, a dog that could fall asleep in our arms, a dog that could sit comfortably in our lap.

Maia, with her favorite auntie Kira


Em said...

Aw...what a cute picture. It is hard to believe your baby is almost 100 lbs. Even though she is so big, she still has that young puppy look to her. Thanks for sharing. :)

ajohnson said...

Auntie Kira...where is she? I can't see her! Just kidding! What a sweet picture!