Wednesday, December 19, 2007

He said it should improve my life by 110%

Or, maybe more accurately, by 5% in my right eye and 4% in my left eye.

Apparently the 2+ years I waited to get back into the eye doctor we not good to me. I think his exact words to be were: Are you having trouble driving at night?? Because YOU CAN'T SEE!!!!! (Yes, just like that, in all caps and with 5 exclamations points. 5 exclamations points - I can actually count each one of them! Hooray!)

Obviously I have not mastered the self portrait holdie-outie, but after 20 or so takes I said screw it, good enough.

Next up, my new contacts, and an opportunity in which you get to vote on what color you like best. Aren't you excited?


Em said...

Oooh...exciting. You like very pretty in your holdie outie self-portrait, Kate!

Aubrey said...

I love them. That is part of my christmas gift this year. New glasses. I love them. Such fun! Contacts? You brave girl. You'd be good with them though. I've decided contacts are best for people with patience for makeup. If it's not something that can just go on instantly, it's not for me.

Very cute picture too. I agree with Em!

Becky said...

it's a fabulous holdie-outie :) i llike the glasses!